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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

R.I.P Pokok Cempedak

Scary heavy rain + strong wind + thunder this early morning around 4am at KK area..
I heard, it is because of the Typhoon Nesat yang melintas sekejap di pinggir Laut China Selatan..huhu..
So, sedikit sebanyak terkena jugak la tamparan ribut awal pagi hari ni..

Actually, the Malaysian Meteorological Department have warned the public about this phenomenon..
 and now at 4.46 pm still hujan lebat at my place plus angin  kuat too..

But, actually yg i want to story this time is about our Pokok Cempedak yang disayangi..huhu...

tumbang, patah dipukul ribut...waaa...so sayang ooo..banyak lagi buah tu..
Ada la dalam 50 biji++ tu buah dia masih begantung di pokok..huhu..
Sedap dan manis bah buah ni pokok..tu la sayang tu tumbang suda...besar2 lgi buah/isi dia..

salah satu buah tu pokok cempedak..besar kan..

Some of the fruits..

Nahh..akar pun hilang!!

Pokok cempedak lepas kena potong2..jadi kayu api la kau...
Nampaknya, terpaksa la kamirang tanam a new one pokok cempedak nih huhu..
R.I.P Pokok Cempedak..hehe..

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Gift From Hubby

 When hubby came home from work today, he gave me a small box...
I wonder what is inside the box???..
When I opened the box, I saw something cute and adorable inside it..
Guess what??
It's a PEARL inside a pendant..
and it came with a necklace too.. :)

WOW!! I'm so happy..it's a token of LOVE from hubby to his WIFE (saya laitu...hehehe)..
Thanks Darlng..Love u muchhhhhh!!!

Actually this pearl was inside a clam and sealed in a can..and then we cut to open the clam and take out the pearl..after that put the pearl inside the pendant and it's ready to wear with the necklace :)

Forming naturally, the Love Pearl is pure and premiere..It makes three or five years in the mother mussel, till its diameter reaches 6.5 - 7.5 mm..Among hundreds of mussel, only one can meet the severe standards of size, roundness, luster. 

Masih dalam itu kerang, kena korek baru letak dalam pendant..:)

Cantik kann..

Actually, the pearl have 5 colours...you 'll never know what colour your pearl is until you take it out from the clamp )..Each colour has their own meaning..

If the Pearl's colour is

1.) WHITE, it indicates healthy bodies they will have
2.) CREAM, shows the union of the couple, and the happy life they will have
3.) PEACH, forecasts a romantic love they will get
4.) LAVENDER, means more wisdom they will have
5.) GOLD, represents a large fortune they can have 

And mine is CREAM :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gracie's 1st Meal..

Wahh!! Time is passing by so very very very fast!!
My baby is 6 months old ++ oredy...and that's mean, she is ready for solid food sudah..haha..
But, i oredy started giving her solid food (for baby) since she's 5 months old..
Ini kerana.. 

She always
1. Reaching for food on my plate / other's plate
2. Looking hungrily at me..haha! (buat muka minta kesian ..mo minta makanan)
3. Opening her mouth wide to eat
4. Pick up food with thumb and finger
5. Can sit with support
6. Nangis2 bila nampak orang lain makan..huhu..kasian ooo.. 
So, i asked for advices from some friends, and they said maybe i should start giving her solid food..sooo...bah sia kasi makan la bah..haha..

And guess what?? she eats hungrily at the 1st time i feed her..haha!! syokk oo kasi makan baby..:)
After this sia mo rajin2 cari resepi baru utk my Gracie la ni.. :)
Mom-mom time :)
Tinguk tangan dia mo rebut tu mangkuk..haha!!..waaaa oromos kabang baby..

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Eco-Green Wave Event


 On the 11th July 2011, our school has this event called Eco-Green Wave Event..
Objektif / tujuan event ini : paham2 saja la ya :)..the title itself oso stated ECO-GREEN WAVE, so the tujuan mestilah to promote kitar semula, pemeliharaan & pemuliharaan alam sekitar, dll...

There are some activities such as exhibition, talk from MIss Earth Sabah 2011, Miss Olivia Vun (merangkap our Principal's daughter..), membuang mud ball dlm kolam, tanam padi dll..

Registration Team.. cantik kan baju kami hehe..
Welcoming Miss Earth Sabah 2009, Miss Mandy Nandu & Miss Earth Sabah 2011, Miss Olivia Vun
Olivia Vun & Mandy Nandu


1. Kitar Semula Booth

2. Mud Ball Booth

Acara membaling Mud Ball dalam kolam...

3. Action Research Collection corner , AgroEcologic corner & Pameran Kerjaya

AgroEcologic Project : Tanam Padi..

4. Old Cloth Booth
Ketua : Sainah L :)

5. Enzyme Booth
Guru praktikal from UNITAR, mengetuai Enzyme booth.

6. How To Reuse Plastic Bottles Booth

See..the creative creation..

Kiranya, meriah juga la events pada hari ini :)..
And, below are pictures of our principal's daughter, Olivia Vun, Miss Earth Sabah 2011, giving a talk / speech about saving the environment...
Mmm..that's all for today laa :)
Till next time :)


Friday, July 15, 2011

101 CD Awareness Event

On the 9th July 2011, I attended the Cloth Diapers Awareness Event
at Sabah State Library Headquarters..This event was proposed by KKM (KK Mommies Group)..

Tho' not so many participants in this 1st time event, but i think this event is a very good activity, specially to mommies out there yang belum pernah dengar/tahu/guna CLOTH DIAPERS (CD)..

So many information we got from this CD talk..and besides ceramah2, there are some relaxing activities oso, such as lucky draw, Q&A, Chit-chatting during tea break and he most 'important' and enjoyable moments is CD SHOPPING!!! hehe :)

Topics presented in this event are :

1. What are Cloth Diapers? Presented by Bonnie W 
2. The various types of Cloth Diapers. Presented by Bonnie W
3. Benefits/advantages of Cloth Diapering. Presented by Joyce S
4. Financial considerations/ cost comparisons. Cloth vs Disposable Diapers Presented by Joyce S

5. How to care/wash Cloth Diapers. Presented by Miranda LK
6. Demo on how to use Cloth Diapers including putting in the inserts, how to use One Size (OS) Cloth Diapers. Presented by Bonnie W

7. Cloth Diapering while travelling. Presented by Miranda LK
8. Sending Cloth Diapers to Day Care Centre. Presented by Miranda LK

This event started at 8.30am and finished by noon..sekejap saja kan..kamirang pun tidak puas oo..But, never mind lah coz more and more event will come..:)
So, enjoy the pics yaa :) 

Above pic : some of the participants..Below pic : Tea-Break time  

Bonnie Wong presenting "What Are Cloth Diapers & The Various Types Of Cloth Diapers"
Joyce Siambun presenting "Benefits/Advantages Of Cloth Diapering & Financial Consideration/Cost Comparison: Cloths Diapers vs. Disposable Diapers"
Miranda@Unda presenting "How To Care/Wash Cloth Diapers, Cloth Diapering While Travelling & Sending Cloth Diapers To Day Care Centre"
Left pic :Celine Daya& Joyce Tining conducting the lucky draw session..Middle pic :Rona Thien got something from MyCheekyBoo..Right pic: Michlle V.Yong with her lucky gift..
Michlle's Corner..see her amazing handmade cloth diapers?? Fuhh..i oredy grab one of those hehe..
Gina's Corner :The Happy Mum's Corner..
Bonnie's Corner : MyCheekyBoo..so cute2 la the CDs..sini pun i ada beli juga..

Others corner yg sia tidak sempat ambik gambar are Missah's corner (BabyMyLuv) & also Dena's corner (DeanaDesign)..
I'm so happy coz i have the chance to join this kind of activity..


Monday, July 11, 2011


This time i'm going to write about my current business activity :)
I'm SELLING CLOTH DIAPERS!! @ CD(for babies)..
Nah dia punya details :)
Suitable for Newborn from 3kg-13kg
can modified size S,M,L

All this CDs are the 'biasa2 punya CD saja..not the Mahal2 one like Roomparooz, Itti-Bitti or the other branded CDs..These CDs i'm selling is cheaper because of the material used to make the CDs..Some people may say..'oohh tidak tahan lama tuh..skijap saja mesti hancur tuh'..but in my opinion, it depends on how u take care of your CDs..like me, i'm not having problems at all using these kind of CDs..save money from buying more and more pampers ada la :)

Anybody interested ? :) can contact me anytime.. :)

Lepas2 ni akan ada sambungan lagi..tunggu dan lihat :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

DAPOZ MHM : Potrait Of The Last Dinosaur

Front cover
This book is a glimpse into the life of 
Fr. Dapoz, MHM - the only Mill Hill priest left in Sabah,
in the Missionary Society's 121-year history here..

It features his growing up years in a tiny mountain village of Wengen, in Tyraol, Austria,
where he first heard his calling to be a priest;
and how a 'disturbing voice' led him to the missions.

This book shares with you his 55 years of missionary work
in The Land Below the Wind.
It also contains a special chapter written by Fr.Dapoz in Kadazan.

You may find it enlightening to read how he saw divinity in humanity -
a gift that he believes is already given to everyone by God

Author : Leonard Alaza & Rita Lasimbang

Some picture in this book :

I've read this book and i found out that it is a very good book..A real story about The Late Fr. Dapoz and his life as a Mill Hill Priest...
My hubby bought this book at St Paul book store for RM28.00